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Cannon Beach’s Plein Air & More arts festival revels in outdoor creation
From painters to potters, artists work in the open air June 22–24
Music calendar: June 21–28
Award-winning painter heads Northwest By Northwest for Plein Air
Adams & Costello’s new album a ‘love letter to Cannon Beach’

Coastal Life

Guest column: The battle between light and dark
Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade’s suicides rattle us all
Welcome to the wonderful world of lichen
Need a good ‘fixer’? Try Repair Cafe in Astoria!
Bookmonger: Claiming a place of one’s own

Coast Dining

Columbia Bar: Black Walnut Manhattan

On a recent warm Monday evening, I stopped by the Astoria Coffee House & Bistro just moments...

The Mouth: Readers tell me what’s what
Pancake breakfast on Father’s Day weekend supports Boy Scouts
The Mouth: Is the Impossible Burger the future of meat?

Your Coast Weekend

Word Nerd: tsunami

Tsunami  [(t)su̇•nä•mē]

Word Nerd: June hog