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‘It’s a Wonderful Life’
The Coaster Theatre in Cannon Beach transforms into Bedford Falls this holiday season
Paper maker
Hear toe-tapping tuba tunes for Christmas
Watch stop-motion animated film with live band at KALA

Coastal Life

Museum reopens ‘Memories of Megler’
Learn about the ferries of the lower Columbia River
Olympic gold medalist to share memoir in Seaside
Salty Talks delves into the world of pollinators
Neal Maine to talk 50th anniversary of Beach Bill

Coast Dining

Mouth of the Columbia: MonteAlban
MonteAlban connects Oaxacan heritage to the plate
Mouth of the Columbia: Great Wall
Sign up for fall soup cooking classes
Mouth of the Columbia: Ruby’s Roadside Grill

Your Coast Weekend

Word Nerd: Nicolai
Why is it called Nicolai Mountain?