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A swarm of artists
Outdoor creation is the focus of Cannon Beach’s ninth annual Plein Air & More arts festival
Silver Lake 66 plays rock, blues, country in Manzanita
Guitarists perform at Peninsula Arts Center
‘Twelve Angry Jurors’ perform in Ilwaco

Coastal Life

Bookmonger: A tale of heroism from the ‘Forgotten Front’
‘Beneath a Scarlet Sky’ combines heroism and harrowing action with brooding...
Take a tour of Nedonna Marsh
Author hosts ocean-themed writing workshop
Walk the Land with North Coast Land Conservancy

Coast Dining

The Mouth: James Beard, Gearthart legend
The influential gourmand, critic, writer, teacher and socialite was perhaps the city’s...
Columbia Bar: The Pine Derby
The Mouth: Guajito’s rolls out familiar hits of Mexican cuisine
Nanci & Jimella’s joyous curtain call

Your Coast Weekend

Word Nerd: Hex

Hex [hɛks]

Scratch Pad: The creative impulse