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Hootenanny highlights local musician at Coaster Theatre
Enjoy music and merriment in Cannon Beach Aug. 26
Artist Rhonda Grudenic teaches ‘drawing as meditation’
Audition for ‘Vintage Hitchcock’ radio play
Astoria native Kamila Swerdloff performs solo set at KALA

Coastal Life

On the edge of totality
Total solar eclipse Aug. 21 is a chance to study celestial bodies, bird behavior at Haystack Rock
Local museum honors the ‘lost art’ of nursing
Bookmonger: A fond salute to Jane Austen
Buffaloes soar in Long Beach

Coast Dining

Cannon Beach’s Harding Trading Co. nears perfection

Under the curatorial eye of Jane Harding, perfecting interior design takes about two...

At FishMongers, the barrel-chested fish sandwich is where it’s at
Columbia Bar: Neon Light
Mouth: Los Tacos Locos: quick and easy, meat-and-cheesy

Your Coast Weekend

Word Nerd: Domoic
This one is literally gut-wrenching.
Scratch Pad: Coast Weekend hiring freelancers
A mixed reaction to Willamette Week piece
Word Nerd: Tillicum