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See hand-painted landscape photographs at RiverSea Gallery
Donna Lee Rollins opens ‘Scene through Fog’
Brian Cameron captures the sizzle of summer at RiverSea Gallery
Christos Koutsouras puts coastal dark seasons on canvas
Watch Wes Anderson’s ‘The Life Aquatic’

Coastal Life

Kids can explore history at Jr. Archaeology Day
Explore history at the Knappton Cove Heritage Center
Make a big change, build a tiny house
Celebrate Jake the Alligator Man’s birthday Aug. 8
Columbia River Maritime Museum holds First Friday Night

Coast Dining

Mouth of the Columbia: Bread and Ocean
This Manzanita deli and bakery gets it right for carnivores and vegetarians alike
Mouth of the Columbia: Tom’s Fish & Chips
A Glimpse Inside: Fort George Brewery
Learn how to make cheese at intro workshop

Your Coast Weekend

Word Nerd: Dulse
This edible red seaweed has been enjoyed for a long time — and now comes bacon flavored.
Word Nerd: Maritime