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Bengel, Erick

Scratch Pad: The 2017 Photo Contest opens this week


Coast Weekend’s 2017 Photo Contest opens Friday, Nov. 17, and closes Sunday, Dec. 17.

Scratch Pad: I ran the Great Columbia Crossing


A friend asked me: You’re running the race? Like, running it?

We had bumped into each other less than an hour before we were scheduled to participate in the Great Columbia Crossing last Sun...

Scratch Pad: Niceness is natural


If natural selection, the driving force of evolution, really depends on whatever set of traits makes an organism more or less likely to reproduce and pass on genes, where does altruism come in? Why does anyone work to be...

Scratch Pad: Present laughter at ‘Blithe Spirit’


Good comedy is famously known as a high-wire act. Timing, tone — everything must be finely calibrated for a show to be funny, for it to actually work as comedy.

On Saturday, a friend and I caught “Bli...

Scratch Pad: ’Stackstock rocked


’Stackstock — an indie music festival held Saturday at Haystack Gardens in midtown Cannon Beach — rocked. Plain and simple.

It wasn’t a screaming, sweaty sensory overload like so many sh...

Lose Yr Mind presents Music Fest at Sou’wester

- Genre-bending musicians play Sept. 29 and 30